A short gym HIIT session

Here's a short HIIT workout I made for when you want to get a sweat on but your day is jam packed and you need to fit in everything else!  Start with a 5 minute warm-up including some cardio and mobility stretches.  Then do each of the below for 30 seconds as fast as you... Continue Reading →

Omega 3 Fix – Baked Fish Recipe 

Tonight's dinner recipe was one made from my brain but so flavoursome and delicious is tastes like and indulgent weekend dinner!  It's full of omega 3, good fats and low in carbs so perfect for a Thursday evening (when you worked out this morning and had carbs after!).  I made the Rostis by: grating 2... Continue Reading →

Birthday Fun

A few weeks ago I turned 23... and I decided to celebrate my way and asked my fave yoga teacher to come over and teach a class to all my girlfriends. Followed by a tasty feast of healthy food as afternoon tea! It's safe to say there were some sceptics to the plan but I... Continue Reading →

Sundays are made for (Protein) Pancakes

My favourite healthy breakfast that always feels so indulgent but is the best post workout or lazy Sunday Feast - protein packed pancakes! I make the base of the batter by using: 1 Banana (very ripe ideally) Whey Protein from My Protein UK Almond Milk Eggs Buckwheat or Quinoa Flour Then once blended and fried... Continue Reading →

A little bit more about me…

I am a 24 year old from Oxford. I can honestly say I spend the majority of my time either dreaming of healthy recipes I want to try or planning my next workout! I am training as an accountant and completing my ACA qualification so my love of food and fitness has to fit in... Continue Reading →

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