My love for eggs! 

I thought I'd post five of my fave egg recipes as I love how versatile they are.... 1) Simply fried in coconut oil for a healthy fry-up or side dish 2) Whites stirred through porridge to take them to a new protein level 3) Soft boiled to make any salad interesting 4) Scrambled with mushroom... Continue Reading →

The Liebster Award

The gorgeous Healthy and Psyched nominated me for a  Liebster Award and I think it's the perfect way to tell you a little more about me but pass on to a chain of other bloggers - see below ladies that I have selected. It’s sort of like a chain letter passed around by new bloggers. You will be... Continue Reading →

Courgetti Bolognaise

I use a Hemsley and Hemsley hand spiralizer and recommend it. Here is my go-to spiralized meal: Ingredients: 1 Courgette Lean Beef Mince Onion Chopped Garlic Chopped veggies: Pepper, Carrot, Mushrooms... (Anything in the fridge!) Tinned tomatoes Tomato Paste The recipe is so simple! Spiralize the courgette. If you don't have a spiralizer (I recommend... Continue Reading →

My love of spiralising! 

My Instagram page is filled with pics of spiraliser veggies... WHY do I love it so much?! As a lover of big plates of food and a satisfied tummy at the end of a meal - having a mountain of yumminiess to tuck into can be just the treat. I have made so many varieties... Continue Reading →

Review: Skinny Rebel workout London

For my birthday I was treated to a day in London by two good friends, to try out all the food eateries and shops we see on Instagram!  We arranged a workout at Skinny rebel and were not dissapointed. Firstly at the Conrad London hotel the facilities were beautiful and definitely didn't think we were... Continue Reading →

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