Review: Skinny Rebel workout London

For my birthday I was treated to a day in London by two good friends, to try out all the food eateries and shops we see on Instagram! 

We arranged a workout at Skinny rebel and were not dissapointed. Firstly at the Conrad London hotel the facilities were beautiful and definitely didn’t think we were about to undergo a tough workout. Then our trainer for the day took us through a warm-up followed by 5 rounds of a body weight based HIIT circuit! Safe to say we got out heart rates on fire!  

The moves were also inivative, and not boring – for example mountain climbers on a turned off treadmill so the core and glutes have to work doubly hard to keep you stable. 

Then he got the air masks out- basically by limiting your oxygen intake you force the body to work even harder to still get the same output. It was tough at first but once use to the mask it lead to the final circuit maximum effort and a serious need to stretch after! (The effect of DOMS so much higher otherwise!) 

So if you’re thinking of a fun activity in the capital- definitely check these boys out! The session was awesome! 


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