My love of spiralising! 

My Instagram page is filled with pics of spiraliser veggies… WHY do I love it so much?!

As a lover of big plates of food and a satisfied tummy at the end of a meal – having a mountain of yumminiess to tuck into can be just the treat. I have made so many varieties of meals using a spiraliser and can honestly say it’s one of the best gadgets I’ve ever purchased.

Starting with using for cold salads- a courgette or carrot can give a raw crunch and marinated in lemon juice, olive oil, garlic and herbs it’s a perfect side to any summer Dinner party! Last summer I hosted a BBQ and the amount of guests in awe of the variety of salads I made using it- ribbons of beetroot, courgetti pesto and carrot curls to name but a few!

My next ultimate fix is a bed of spiraliser veg to substitute any pasta or noodle – saving the white carb overload for another day! I love the taste of vegetables and even when I’ve made for those that don’t they never argue as it still has delicious texture, a fraction of the calories and still as filling and delicious!

Courgette is probably my no.1 spiraliser veggie- as courgetti pesto, bolognaise, Ragu, stir fry or even just alone with some avocado sauce – it’s the perfect texture and flavour.

What do you love to spiralse?

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