The Liebster Award

The gorgeous Healthy and Psyched nominated me for a  Liebster Award and I think it’s the perfect way to tell you a little more about me but pass on to a chain of other bloggers – see below ladies that I have selected. It’s sort of like a chain letter passed around by new bloggers. You will be sent 10 questions to answer, then you have to nominate other bloggers and pose them 10 questions.

So here goes:

1. How long have you been blogging?

I started my Instagram account in Spring 2015. I began as I wanted the feeling of accountability for my health and fitness and having somewhere to find new inspiration for healthy eating at the click of a button. These days I like to think of social media as a massive benefit, all the resource I could need at my fingertips! Ever since creating my food account I have never struggled for a meal idea – there’s a plethora of inspiration available. 

2. Which post are you most proud of and why?

I am most proud of a blueberry, cacao, courgette and protein sweet cake bar I made for an on-the-go breakfast. It was the most gooey delicious cake but turned out fantastically. I like to have a protein rich go-to breakfast and this is now a staple! It went down a treat with the boyfriend too and made early morning workouts all the more pleasurable when I knew I had something guilt-free to munch on after!

3. Who would you like to interview for your blog?

I would love to interview Yoga Girl as she seems like the most down to earth lovely lady and such an inspiration to me. I ordered her book last night and can’t wait to read it

Food – 

4. What’s your favourite fruit or vegetable?

Favourite has to be the sweet potato! I think its one of the most versatile fresh food item, making delights from sweet potato brownies to savoury sweet potato fries or mash. It goes with all sorts of meals and is a staple on my grocery list.

5. Do you use superfood powders? If you do, what’s your favourite?

I’m always keen to try new superfoods but definitely use in moderation. I have a cupboard full of mac, matcha, baobab and bee pollen to name just a few. Sprinkled into a smoothie or topping a bowl of Pr-Oats is a lovely way to taste and try new things. I like to keep the majority of my diet to items I prepare at mealtimes and as a result have these on occasion rather than daily. 
6. What’s your favourite treat food?

Easy – Dark Chocolate! A few squares is the perfect amount to have a delicious tasting treat  and not feel too indulgent. I love the flavour and can’t believe as a child I disliked it!

7. How do you keep active?

I am a qualified fitness instructor! I teach various spin and circuits classes but also love to exercise in the gym or outside. My daily life is quite busy but finding time for a workout is always important – it keeps me sane! I do a variety of HIIT (high intensity) and LISS (low intensity) training.
8. What do you do in your spare time?

I am training as an accountant so most of my time is spent studying for university/professional exams! When I want to relax I’m a bit of a shopaholic, or always up for a chilled afternoon with my family going for a long walk in the country with our dog and then a family meal.
9.If you could go on a tv show which would it be?

The Island! I’m a travel-aholic and love exploring new places. I also think I could hack survival in the wild so would love to be thrown onto a pacific island and survive of the natural surroundings.

Bonus round-
10. Show me a selfie!

Heres one from a crazy skinny rebel workout I did – see my blog post for an explanation!


So bloggers who I want to nominate to know some more about:

Hannah Rose Fit 
Katie Forbes 
The Good Food Gallery – Josi
Hannah Eats 
Harrie Lou-C


And your questions:
1. What’s your favourite platform of social media?
2. What inspired you to start your blog?
3. Who would be your dream blog collaboration?

4. What’s your favourite meal?
5. If you could host a dinner party who would you invite and what would you cook?
6. What’s your favourite treat food?
7. What’s your favourite type of exercise?
8. What do you do in your spare time?
9. Whats your idea of a dream Saturday (or whenever you don’t work!)
10. Show me a picture of yourself doing something you love!

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