Protein Shake With a Difference!

Today for breakfast I made a protein shake smoothie glass with fresh berries, mango, granola and pomegranate. 

A simple protein packed smoothie to drink after the gym, simply blend: ice, frozen banana, protein (I’ve used whey from Pulsin), and a dash of milk. Then top with anything you fancy (leftovers in the fruit bowl) or a sprinkle of Deliciously Ella’s granola (see my Instagram post for recipe!). 

Lovely on a Summers day (if we ever get one in the UK!). 

5 thoughts on “Protein Shake With a Difference!

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    1. Yes it is great to add ice when you’re watching the macros content of the remaining! Also I’m not a MASSIVE banana fan (don’t shoot me!) so never like it to be an overpowering taste!!

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      1. Haha probably! My mums very allergic so only tried my first one like two years ago!! 🙈


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