Make a bad meal good!

So you fancy a burger or fish and chips… Panic not! Some of my favourite creations come from using vegetables as alternatives to carb heavy dishes. 
Here are just a few of my faces:

  • Cauliflower grated into “rice”. I like to use like stir fried rice or with chilli con carne. 
  • Sweet potato fries! But of an obvious one but also works with parsnip, suede… 
  • In baking! Sweet potato brownies or a savoury suede loaf/bread..
  • Sweet potato toast! (Simply pop thin slices in the microwave and top with poached yolks
  • Burger bun made from grilled aubergine or broccoli 
  • And finally the obvious: courgetti! If you haven’t tried it yet- what are you doing!! Get out there and get yourself a spiraliser and I promise you won’t regret it!

What’s your favourite way to use veggies in a dish? 
Let me know if you want any of the recipes for the above! 

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