Protein Cacao Cookies

These were so simple to make but very tasty and perfect for snacking during the day. Ingredients: 45g Vanilla Protein Powder 40g Spelt flour 15g Ground Oats 1 egg 1/4 Cup coconut oil 2 Tblsp Choc Shot Pinch Baking powder Simply stir the dry ingredients together, then add the egg and coconut oil and stir... Continue Reading →

Super Berry Banana Protein Cake

Time for another loaf cake and this ones packed full of goodness but tastes so deliciously sweet! Ingredients: 2 Ripe bananas 100g Peanut Butter (Crunchy of course!) 20g Honey or natural sweetener (Date nectar/Agave) 1 Tblsp Cacao 30g Coconut Flour 1 Scoop Protein powder (I used  a mocha MyProtein as its a morning bake!) 1Tsp... Continue Reading →

Coconut pastry two ways!

The gorgeous Hannah (aka @_hannaheats) and I decided to have a cheeky bake session and made two recipes around a coconut pastry base - one sweet and one savoury! Great way to save yourself time in the kitchen by preparing a whole meal in one go. The pasty can be made in one batch and then split... Continue Reading →

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