Coconut pastry two ways!

The gorgeous Hannah (aka @_hannaheats) and I decided to have a cheeky bake session and made two recipes around a coconut pastry base – one sweet and one savoury!

Great way to save yourself time in the kitchen by preparing a whole meal in one go. The pasty can be made in one batch and then split for the two dishes…

Recipe 1: Cacao Protein Coconut Tart

The first creation was a cacao protein mouse filling in a coconut pastry mini tart.

To make the pastry:

  • Coconut Flour (75g)
  • Coconut Oil (30g)
  • Eggs (1 large egg or 3 egg whites)

Simply blend the flour and oil together (start with the oil melted slightly) and then beat in the egg. Press into a muffin tin pushing the sides up to create a tart shape. Bake in the oven for 12mins at 180’C.

Take the tarts out to cool and make your filling. We choose to mix 35g of chocolate protein with a dash of almond milk and some water until it forms a paste consistency, spooned into the tarts and out in the fridge to set.

Recipe 2: Spirulina Quiche 

The second recipe was a chlorella and spirulina quiche. We enriched the above pastry recipe above with the superfoods powder before baking in the same way, but in one large dish.

Then we mixed some eggs (3 eggs) with chopped tomato (5 cherry tomatoes), celery (1 cup)and herbs, seasoning (salt and pepper) and poured into the pastry and baked for a further 15 mins until firm on top.

Serve and enjoy!


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