HIIT Workout Guide

HIT training is my go-to for a gym session. When I qualify as a PT I will definitely incorporate into clients workout plans as I personally feel it has given me the best results and with a busy lifestyle the most efficient use of time in the gym (15mins minimum is all you need!).  You can also do it anywhere -... Continue Reading →

Sweet banana and apple loaf cake 

Receive for my banana and apple simple protein rich loaf cake!  Ingredients: 3/4 banana mashed 2 small eggs 1.5 scoop protein (35g) 2 tblsp Coconut flour 2 tblsp apple purée (or natural sweetener) 1 tsp baking powder  1 tsp cinnamon  So easy: mix all the above together and put in a mini loaf tin before... Continue Reading →

Broccoli Muffins

These little creations were a breakfast recipe that I served with a fried egg sandwiched in between and tasted great! Broccoli rice is fast becoming my fave side dish, simply buy a raw head of broccoli and break up into smaller florets and place in a food processor. Then blitz until it is all rice... Continue Reading →

Raw Coconut and Matcha Superfood Bar

These bars I created for the #cocotarget competition which I was delighted to win! On retreat the chef even whipped up a batch and they went down a treat by trainers and guests alike! Brownie Base Layer 100g Walnuts (or almonds, hazelnuts etc. just choose your favourite nut and go with it!) Pinch of Himalayan Sea Salt 100g... Continue Reading →

Raw Millionaires slice

My love of chocolate died and went to heaven with these raw food inspired snack bars. They were simple to make and the topping chocolate layer from One Love Cocoa was so great! Their chocolate is so pretty (pretty packaging = essential?!) and I can't wait to try more. Here's the recipe for the millionaires... Continue Reading →

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