The perfect Christmas Present for your Foodie/Fitness Loving Friend

With Christmas just around the corner its the perfect time to make that wish list [or just make lots of not-so subtle hints about what you’d like this year]. Or maybe you are looking as you have a friend/family member who loves all things health and fitness and need some inspiration for a gift….
Kicking off the New Year with some new gym kit or a cupboard full of healthy goodies is the best way to jump on board the fitness wagon in January. So look no further for some healthy gift inspiration:

  • Gym clothes

Whether you’re a yogi, power lifter or Zumba fiend there’s nothing better than feeling stylish when you hit the gym. Some of my fave fitness clothing brands have some great options, try Lilybod for an indulgent pair of leggings, Zakti Active or Active Balance for a really reasonable good quality outfit!

Active balance UK have a great all outfit deal – perfect gift as then you’re properly kitting someone out!

So any gym lover will have grown to love their foam roller. Cue the next stage up- a vibrating foam roller. This thing is great – proven to be more effective for targeting muscles. I love using mine and it’s great for helping with serious gym-goer ailments like back pain or shin splints and the more day to day DOMs!

  • Protein!

Protein powder as a gift firstly – where can you go wrong! Use in baking/pancakes/shakes and smoothies – the options are endless. I’d suggest a WheyBox subscription- then your gift has a monthly reoccurrence to remind your loved one that you are thinking of them recurringly! They have lots of flavours and all those I’ve tried are top notch!

(Do use my code LIBBY5 for a discount on the first box at wheybox).

  • Wireless headphones

My absolute fave workout piece of kit is wireless headphones. I remember I use to have my phone on my arm and try and navigate the wire around my back through my top and up to my ears – no longer! I use Beats – not the cheapest make out there but worth every penny!

  • Resistance band and workout gloves

Other workout essentials. These guys are the perfect pair to help any gym goer – no more finger blisters from the rower/kettlebells and then the perfect bands for activation of the glutes and leg workouts.

I bought on Amazon from Starwood sports and they come as a range of strengths – perfect!

  • Superfood hamper

This delicious hamper from Pulsin and beyond is so great- they have a few to choose from but the organic one is my fave! The bars are packed full of superfoods and perfect to pop in your handbag for a day out – snack happy! Plus for any guys reading – the hampers come in a beautiful box with ribbon so no need to wrap if you despise it!

  • Healthy snack bars

Primal pantry were the first paleo health food bar I tried and I think will always be my fave! There’s a few flavours to try and you can get in lots of shops now – perfect for little extra stocking filler presents.

  • Dark chocolate

Onelovecocoa – pretty packaging and just the best – needs no more explanation!

  • Fitness retreat

Ok you always should aim high so worth asking – I went on three fantastic retreats this year and all were great: JayneBecca Yoga in the British Countryside, YogaFit Ibiza and TargetHuman Performance. Definitely on my wish list to go back to all 3!


There are just a few ideas for you – now what shall I ask Santa for this year?!

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