Macaroons from NourishGrowCookEnjoy

Just before Christmas I was lucky enough to try some of the macaroons from NourishGrowCookEnjoy - thanks Mummy for grabbing a bag! It's safe to say they were so delicious that I immediately fell in love and we polished off the bag.   I loved the flavour - and being coconut based I could enjoy... Continue Reading →

Fruit and nut Cookies 

A cookie is always a treat and nothing better for snack time then one of these with a cup of herbal tea! I also made into an ice cream sandwich with mint choc Oppo - heaven! Ingredients: 2 tblsp coconut oil 3tblsp coconut sugar 1 egg 4tblsp oats ground into powder (flour) 1tblsp cranberries  1tblsp... Continue Reading →

Raw Fruit and Nut Snack Bar

Renamed the "Marky mix" in my family's household as my sisters boyfriend who's a keen sports player loves to snack on this after matches. Either way it's delicious and very very addictive! It can be made as a bar or into mini energy balls (takes patience to roll....) so I tend to just press down... Continue Reading →

Vanilla and Craberry loaf

A new creation but a perfect breakfast protein loaf cake.  Ingredients (Cake) 30g Vanilla Whey 1/2 cup flour 1/4 cup cranberries  2 eggs  1 tsp Madagascan vanilla  1 tsp xanthan gym  Ingredients (frosting) 2 tblsp thick Greek yogurt  1 tblsp cacao powder  1 tblsp cacao nibs  Mix the ingredients for the loaf until well blended... Continue Reading →

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