My April Faves… Clr Coffee, CocoPro, Coffee Scrub and Hair Vitamins!


Coconut water meets protein in a carton! Perfect to chill and put in my handbag for a drink on the go. Its hydrating and delicious and I am enjoying when out and about and want a tasty drink. There’s two flavours, and I love the addition of the pineapple to give it a tropical twist. CocoPro contains all the electrolytes, minerals and protein you need to keep your body and mind performing optimally. It is the world’s first all-natural, high protein coconut water. The combination of Whey Protein Isolate, amino acids and electrolytes make it the ultimate hydrating recovery drink.



Well hello summer this is perfect for when the suns out and you don’t fancy a hot latte/americano! I was surprised at how good it tastes – definitely takes a few sips to get use to the fact it’s not warm! I would love to add into a protein shake as I think it would work well as making a smoothie in the morning. Also in a coffee cake – so many options! So if you are looking for a way to switch up your usual morning coffee routine then look no further!



These hair vitamins are helping me out with my hair and the dry ends that I’m always trying to avoid. Since taking I’ve noticed how much thicker and longer my hair feels and also smooth! I don’t feel like I need to constantly straighten to achieve a glossy style. It contains vitamins and minerals to strengthen from the inside to avoid any damage that heat styling has caused.



Firstly this scrub smells DIVINE! It’s made with lemongrass and it smells so fresh and good enough to eat! (Don’t do this…). I like using after the gym as it makes you feel really refreshed and cleansed. I love that they use coffee grounds that are recycled, vegan and not tested on animals. The grounds are made into a natural exfoliating scrub that’s both high in antioxidants and a natural exfoliator. You can use on your face/hands/body so perfect for on the go as you only need one bottle!

Let me know what your faves are! 

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