7 Day Life Changing Detox Programme by Lisa Cuerden

Here’s my diary following the experience of a 7 day “life changing programme” with Lisa Cuerden:

Let’s go – Prep for the programme!

So here it is – start of the 7 day Lisa Cuerden blitz! Starting tomorrow I am on a 7 day detox, designed to rejuvenate you on the inside and out with a positive mantra for long term success.


Now I’m all signed up I’ve been added in to the secret group Lisa has created via Facebook. Already I’m loving the organisation – there’s a few files added that I read through: shopping list ideas, the plan for the week and general helpful tips. The others in the group are already getting chatty – asking questions and discussing the week ahead – love this – feels like we will accomplish this 7 day blitz as a team!


Lisa encourages you to take some “before” pics and measurements – always nerve-wracking as a before pick is one that won’t hide any sins. However, I do this and put them straight into the hidden folder on my IPhone…


I had a look down the “allowed” foods list, lots of protein and vegetables but none of the (mostly healthy) sweet treats I have stacked in my cupboard. So – jar of nut butter and pot of protein yogurt – you and me became well acquainted as I learnt the hard way that when you “can’t have something from tomorrow” I stupidly decided its best to eat all in one go so out the way – now the detox can’t come sooner!


Days 1-3

Day 1 of the programme started with an early alarm to fit the first HIIT workout in before work. It’s a fitness style test designed to track progress over the course of the programme. Its only 10 minutes (thankfully) so not too hard to fit in with a busy day. Lisa’s video was easy to follow and as I put my results in the group I was pleased to see everyone else taking part – no judgement just encouragement.


Meals on the plan were straightforward, there are suggested recipes but as a “look at what’s in the fridge and go from there aka can’t follow a recipe” kind of person I based meals from the allowed foods list. Day 1 – I had eggs for brekkie, chicken for lunch and sea bass for dinner (all teamed with heaps of green vegetables).

Day 1 triggered the first realisation – I might ACTUALLY be addicted to coffee. I’ve always said I can manage fine without caffeine and I just like the flavour, but I do have one or two coffees most days. Day 1 and by 11am I have a bad headache and wondering if it’s the lack of a morning almond milk latté kicking in. Hey ho – herbal tea it is instead.


In the evening I start reflecting on day one, the Facebook group is filled with peoples pictures of meals – lots of positive thoughts and I’m pleased to see other members also struggling with a headache or feeling low – the community feel is there and definitely helping keep me on track. Lisa says this is one of the hardest days – thank goodness – definitely got into bed exhausted at 10pm ready for a great night’s sleep!


Days 2 and 3 follow a similar course. Tuesday morning I kicked off the day with the HIIT workout, again only 10 minutes and easy to follow as Lisa did the workout at the same time. I did it in my bedroom before work – definitely helps that you don’t need to schlep to the gym for the workouts and they are over super quick. Just enough to fire up the metabolism ready for the day ahead. Breakfast at my desk was flaked sea bass with green vegetables – takes some getting used to at 8am but having a good amount of protein and vegetables I think is crucial to beating off hunger and being tempted by the sweet biscuit tin. Lunch is also a packed meal – working at various offices means I need to pre-pack meals as can’t assume there will be anything healthy nearby – thank goodness for Tupperware!


I had more fresh lean meat and vegetables for the other meals and upped the water intake even more. Purchased a giant water bottle and already feel its helping remind me to drink up.

Days 4-7

Towards the end of the week the headaches felt like they were passing. Energy levels were creeping back up and I felt great! Feels like the detox from caffeine and sugar is working.

I also did some of the yoga sessions in the latter part of the week (every day there is both a HIIT workout and yoga video uploaded to YouTube of which you can do both, one or neither). I like the flexibility of having the option – and as both are always 10minutes I felt they were manageable to fit into daily routine. The yoga definitely helped with the detox as the meditation and breathing helped give headspace back into my day which sometimes gets ignored.

Day 6 was tricky – Saturdays have normally always been my downfall with lots of treats around the kitchen and trips out to see friends that aren’t necessarily as health focused. However, determination game on I focused on my meal prep and discovered that I could in fact do it! I suggested cooking so I could make sure there was heaps of veg and meat on the table so I wasn’t even tempted by the naughty sides.

I avoided the pudding with a cup of peppermint tea instead and was good to give myself a pat on the back for sticking to goals.

Day 7 roundup …

Day 7 I went for lunch with family and managed to stick with the plan as it was roast chicken and just had the veg. I may have fallen wayward at pudding as I had a spoon of someones chocolate fondant pudding but I was feeling so positive about the plan when I historically would have just given in and had a whole one after 7 days of detox one spoon was just perfect for me.

This meant I fell like I didn’t ruin all the hard work and excited to continue on with the cut down in the days to follow.

My result was I feel leaner and with more energy, I have to say since finishing I have had a few coffees but definitely not everyday and switching to decaff where possible. I have kept off the sugar and keeping my meals in line with the detox plan – overall am so pleased with taking part – it reminded me that I don’t need a daily coffee, lots of daytime snacks and definitely not finishing every meal with a sweet (I’m talking breakfast lunch and dinner)….

Have a look at Lisa’s page for future plans – I can’t recommend enough as a 7 day  blitz to get your mind and body back on track.

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