Mexican Spiced Squash with Avocado & Black Bean Salsa and Quinoa.

Deciding to eat a predominantly vegan based diet isn’t actually proving that hard!

I am making an effort to try recipes and experiment with new flavours and thanks to the Hello Fresh flavour generator tonight’s vegan dinner did not disappoint.

The website lets you pick from a style of cuisine and what you’re in the mood for before suggesting a recipe based on your criteria. Mine was for the link (also included the recipe below and I loved it! I switched the sour cream for a coconut yogurt to keep it vegan but if you aren’t you could add some grilled chicken or fish for a twist.

HelloFresh itself is a food delivery service, with fresh food delivered to your door weekly. I love that they mix up the recipes and the ingredients will inspire you to create dishes from around the world (even when you’re like me and not usually one to stray from the old favourites!). Not only this but with seasonal, fresh produce the boxes are so healthy its promotion in itself to eat well. 

The flavour generator is a great source for recipes and dinner inspiration, I will definitely use in future when I’m stuck for what to create. Whether the Roasted Chantey carrots with Lentil Dahl or Turkey Milianese with Pesto Green Beans the site lets you search, pick and download ready to cook up a storm in the kitchen. 

The full recipe can be found here – I hope you enjoy it!

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