Cuba – Mojitos and Marinas

I just returned from a 17 day trip to Cuba, central America. The trip was a spontaneous holiday and we chose to travel around and explore as much of the island as possible.
This post is a short summary but go to our special travel blog website for the full details!! 

Why visit Cuba:

The island is rich with both history and culture – from the bustling cities of Havana and Cienfuegos to the laid back charm of Vinales and Playa Larga.

The beaches were some of the most incredible I have ever seen – with blue skies and crystal white sand and palm trees, a day spent lounging on the coast was the perfect mid-trip relaxation.


Throughout the trip we stayed in “casa particulares”, essentially homestays and were all  booked via AirBnB or These were not only a great way to meet locals but cheap and with limited hotels in Cuba the best way to explore the island.


We arrived in Cuba after a direct flight from London Gatwick with Virgin Atlantic – definitely recommend for the healthy snacks and service on board. I have friends that travelled to Cuba with an indirect flight and not only does it add hours to the journey but also make it more tedious and wastes potential mojito moments!

When moving around the country we booked “collectivos” – essentially a shared taxi service. Although there is a good bus service for backpackers the price in a collective is only a few CUCs more and you ride not only comfortably but casa to casa so I would recommend.

Food and Drink:

Although not know for its food, Cuba restaurants offered fresh dishes and the drinks were tasty – both mojitos and cuba litres were always offered. Most restaurants offered grilled chicken/pork and a vegetarian option, with sides of rice, salad and black bean stew.

We ate in our casa’s a few times and this offered the chance to experience a traditional meal, was very good value and often the most delicious meals.

Check out the links below to see the 6 stops along Our Cuban Adventure and the activities and travel tips at each:

Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 16.03.01

  1. Vinales – Small town in the countryside with tobacco and coffee plantations
  2. Playa Larga– Beach stop with some gorgeous snorkelling oppertunities
  3. Cienfuegos– El Nicho waterfalls and beach clubs
  4. Trinidad– Horse Riding and Playa Iguanas (best beach!)
  5. Santa Clara – Town full of heritage and revolutionary links
  6. Havana – No trip to Cuba is without a open top caddilac tour!

Let me know if you liked this blog and our full site – Cuba is a great place to visit and I would love to go back one day!


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