Bounce, FloatFit, Bootcamp and Exerceo!

One of the things I’ve been most excited about moving to central London is the fitness class scene – with everything under the sun on offer I wanted to make the most of classes and personally find them so much more fun than a session alone in the gym. 

The first on my list of classes to try was BounceKennington – an hour of jumping around on a mini trampoline with flashing lights and good music. I arrived at the studio and was met by Eleesha – the instructor who was so welcoming and putting everyone at ease. She told us she knew we most likely hadn’t been on a trampoline since we were kids (which was great) as I realised this was probably the case! 
The class is formatted by three tracks followed by a water break, so an interval training session. The tracks all varied in style and I definitely felt with the energy and enthusiasm in the room the session flew by. Not only this but I could definitely feel my core on fire the whole time.
There were some toning tracks after the cardio and one included squat variations which definitely felt tough – being on an uneven surface adds a twist to a standard squat.

I left the class feeling party ready (ok a little sweaty) but jumping around to the beat of the music with whooping every now and again was a great evenings entertainment. 
Check out BounceKenningtons page here for links to sign up or the general website for more info
Great for: an hours cardio that gets you jumping around like a 10 year old on a trampoline again!

Exerceo is a form of training where you use electric impulses on muscles (EMS – Electric Muscle Simulation).
I was keen to try as soon as I saw that “EMS is the quickest way to acquire the desired outcome when it comes to fitness. Only 25 minutes of EMS training equals 90 minutes of high intensity training at the gym.”
You arrive and get given a set of black leggings and top to wear – don’t panic its because the suit has to be wet to touch when you put it on so the spare clothing comes in useful. Then you get kitted up in the body suit which feels a bit like a harness. The team I’ve had so far have always been very informative on what to expect and helping me get ready. There’s only two people per session so you’ll get great attention from the instructor. Once all wired up its a case of warm-up followed by about 20mins of exercise (don’t underestimate it just because it’s only 20mins!) and then a few minutes relaxation.

The electrical current is low impulse and completely safe. It feels like a vibration against the skin and on your first time you’ll take it easy. 

Trial sessions are just £10 – and with it being a sub 30 minute workout the perfect session to fit into a busy day. 

Link to the site here!
Great for: a super short workout that gives you DOMs for days!

Aesthetic Bootcamp

My final favourite class is Aesthetic Bootcamp which runs out of Gymbox in Bank on a Sunday morning.
The sessions are different each week, from cardio and weight training to strength and endurance. I loved their use of gym kit – using all sorts of kit to make the circuits fun and entertaining. They were great at getting the energy and atmosphere up to give you maximum effort so the session was great fun. 

I took my sister along who’d never exercised let alone picked up a bar and the guys not only made sure I was getting a workout that would challenge me but take care of her and give options where required. 

Your first session with these guys is free so jump on down and try one out! Link to book is through their Instagram page. 

Great for: a strong workout where you learn not only good technique but get a sweat on!


Last but not least is the most unique class – held at Dolphin Square in Pimlico. 

They do 30 minute HIIT or Yoga classes and I tried out the HIIT session. You think you can manage a burpee – well try one on a floating board in a swimming pool and re-evaluate!

There’s a lot of splashing and you are guaranteed to get wet and fall in a few times – but I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t have a laugh and smile through the madness.

For more I for and bookings check out Dolphins page here

Great for: a HIIT workout with a twist that works more muscles than you thought you had!

Let me know what your favourite classes are around London!

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