Hazelnut and Chocolate Slice

Thanks to Plenish for this fab recipe. Delicious after dinner or to dip into a cuppa in the afternoon. Ingredients: • 300g dark chocolate • 1/3 Cup dairy-free milk • 1/4 Cup nut butter • 1/2 Cup hazelnuts • 2 Tblsp maple syrup • 1 Tsp vanilla extract • Pinch Sea Salt Method: 1. Preheat... Continue Reading →

Forest Fruit Brownies

These raw treats are a tasty after diner treat or mid afternoon snack. Ingredients: 150g Dates 100g Hazelnuts 70g Coconut Oil 70g Cranberries 50g Raisins 30g Cacao 2tsp Vanilla extract Start by food processing the hazelnuts so they are broken up. To make if you are using medjool dates simply stone and put into a... Continue Reading →

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