HIIT Workout Guide

HIT training is my go-to for a gym session. When I qualify as a PT I will definitely incorporate into clients workout plans as I personally feel it has given me the best results and with a busy lifestyle the most efficient use of time in the gym (15mins minimum is all you need!).  You can also do it anywhere -... Continue Reading →

Review: Skinny Rebel workout London

For my birthday I was treated to a day in London by two good friends, to try out all the food eateries and shops we see on Instagram!  We arranged a workout at Skinny rebel and were not dissapointed. Firstly at the Conrad London hotel the facilities were beautiful and definitely didn't think we were... Continue Reading →

A short gym HIIT session

Here's a short HIIT workout I made for when you want to get a sweat on but your day is jam packed and you need to fit in everything else!  Start with a 5 minute warm-up including some cardio and mobility stretches.  Then do each of the below for 30 seconds as fast as you... Continue Reading →

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