Sunflower seed kale crisps 

These vegan crisps I posted on my instagram a few weeks ago have got a lot of people asking for a recipe- so here it is! Bag of raw kale 250g sunflower seeds 2 tsp Tamari paste 1 large clove Garlic One whole lemon 2 tsp Coriander seeds Seasoning 200g roasted buckwheat Warm water Also... Continue Reading →

Cacao and coconut cookies 

These gooey centred cookies are my go-to when I want a sweet treat for pudding/afternoon snack and I don't have much in the cupboard! You can switch up the egg whites for whole eggs or a vegan alternative, I tend to buy large bottled whites from TwoChicks or MyProtein so always have in large quantities! ... Continue Reading →

Macaroons from NourishGrowCookEnjoy

Just before Christmas I was lucky enough to try some of the macaroons from NourishGrowCookEnjoy - thanks Mummy for grabbing a bag! It's safe to say they were so delicious that I immediately fell in love and we polished off the bag.   I loved the flavour - and being coconut based I could enjoy... Continue Reading →

Vanilla and Craberry loaf

A new creation but a perfect breakfast protein loaf cake.  Ingredients (Cake) 30g Vanilla Whey 1/2 cup flour 1/4 cup cranberries  2 eggs  1 tsp Madagascan vanilla  1 tsp xanthan gym  Ingredients (frosting) 2 tblsp thick Greek yogurt  1 tblsp cacao powder  1 tblsp cacao nibs  Mix the ingredients for the loaf until well blended... Continue Reading →

(No Cheese) Raw Cheesecake 

I decided to make this for pudding one evening and it was fantastic! Raw desserts can be quick to make and although I use to find buying all the ingredients costly if you bulk buy the nuts and seeds it works out more efficient! These went down a treat with everyone who tried and you couldn't... Continue Reading →

Ferrero Roche Rock Cakes 

Taking some inspiration from my fave Christmas chocolate with these delicious rock protein bakes - another on-the-go breakfast delight! Such a simple recipe - mix all the below together (add the nuts last to sprinkle on top) and then put in the oven and bake until firm to touch! 20g Chocolate whey 2 eggs 2 tblsp... Continue Reading →

Sweet banana and apple loaf cake 

Receive for my banana and apple simple protein rich loaf cake!  Ingredients: 3/4 banana mashed 2 small eggs 1.5 scoop protein (35g) 2 tblsp Coconut flour 2 tblsp apple purée (or natural sweetener) 1 tsp baking powder  1 tsp cinnamon  So easy: mix all the above together and put in a mini loaf tin before... Continue Reading →

Broccoli Muffins

These little creations were a breakfast recipe that I served with a fried egg sandwiched in between and tasted great! Broccoli rice is fast becoming my fave side dish, simply buy a raw head of broccoli and break up into smaller florets and place in a food processor. Then blitz until it is all rice... Continue Reading →

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