Beetroot Glazed Cacao Brownies 

When I fancied a sweet treat these brownies were perfect and made from simple store cupboard ingredients. The topping was just a splash of colour and flavour - could also leave without or add a dark chocolate top! For the brownies: 2 mashed banana 3 tblsp coconut flour 1 tsp baking powder 2 eggs 1... Continue Reading →

Carrot and Maca Cake Loaf

Hello the return of the breakfast loaf! I love preparing a tasty protein based loaf like this and tucking into it on my way to work after a great workout. Ingredients: One carrot grated 30g spelt flour 25g Cashew Nut Butter 200g Egg whites 2x 25g Scoops Protein Powder (I used cinnamon danish) 1.5 Tsp... Continue Reading →

The Liebster Award

The gorgeous Healthy and Psyched nominated me for a  Liebster Award and I think it's the perfect way to tell you a little more about me but pass on to a chain of other bloggers - see below ladies that I have selected. It’s sort of like a chain letter passed around by new bloggers. You will be... Continue Reading →

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